May 02, 2006


ドメイン取っちゃいました。 →

・"m" stands for 私の名前
・"x" stands for 乗算の"かける"
・"g" stands for gravity.


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January 04, 2005

Introduction in English about this page

For people who access from overseas, I'd like to introduce this page in English,
cause translate engines don't seem to understand Japanese properly. :-<
-> or try auto-translated pages.

#-- B.F.R.

B.F.R. is a plugin for Becky Mail Client, which has functions below.
1. Reads feed formats as RSS0.91, RSS1.0, RSS2.0, ATOM0.3, and more..
feeds are taken into becky as a mail,
like this
-> screenshot1, screenshot2
2. Enable to use the Filtering Function of Becky

Download page is here.

#-- BMemo

BMemo is a plugin for Becky Mail Client, which has functions below.
1. Can get the viewing web page from IE-based web browsers as a html mail.
2. working on further functions..

Download page is here.

other pages which you can browse from the top menu, may not be so confusing. :-)

you can contact me by mail, which is on either Plugin's Preference Window, "about" tag.
or either F.A.Q. pages

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